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Frequently asked questions from clients:
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What packages do you offer?1/4
The packaging structure takes into account various factors, including the project duration and the number of design deliverables desired. Whether you require a comprehensive design package with multiple deliverables or a more streamlined solution focusing on specific design elements, a package can be created that suits your individual requirements. During our initial consultation, we will discuss your project in detail, allowing us to share a comprehensive understanding of your goals and expectations. This information is then used to provide you with a bespoke quote that reflects the scope and complexity of your project accurately.

Alternatively, monthly retainer subscription style packages are also available, this gives clients the opportunity to acquire discounted rates and sustained services for prolonged periods of time.
How do you price projects?2/4
Initially it begins by asking clients what would bring value to their business or drive some success metric, this allows for a brand diagnosis. Whether success is defined from an increase in profits, an increase in customer engagement or an increased social following. From this a strategy can be devised that will help clients reach these success metrics. Design projects can contribute significantly to the success of your business goals and annual revenue. Therefore, pricing is often based on the value the designs bring to your business rather than simply charging by the hour.

Focusing on value rather than time ensures that you receive the full benefit of expertise and dedication. Efficiency is a core principle in the work philosophy, by striving to maximise productivity and minimise turnaround times without compromising on quality. The goal is to complete your design requests promptly and to the highest standards, allowing you to accelerate the rollout of design assets and meet your deadlines ahead of schedule. A slow response time to market can often cost a company valuable money and resource.

When you choose to work with Neueór, you are investing in a partnership which prioritises your success. The aim is to provide you with exceptional design services that not only save you time but also elevate your brand and make a positive impact on your audience.
What are the benefits of your monthly subscription / retainer packages?3/4
With the average wages of a full time senior level designer now exceeding over $100,000 a year, it can be beneficial for businesses to explore more cost effective solutions. You may also not have enough work to keep them busy at all times, meaning that you're paying for time which isn't being utilised. With the monthly subscription packages you can secure yourself long term graphic design, social marketing and multimedia services for a fraction of the annual price. You gain access to ongoing design support and sustained services tailored to your specific needs. This arrangement allows for a more collaborative and continuous partnership between Neueór and your business. You can secure a set number of design hours or services each month at a discounted rate. This ensures that you have dedicated design resources available whenever you need them, providing flexibility and convenience for your ongoing design requirements.

Subscriptions can also be cancelled at any time meaning that you aren't tied into paying long term staff wages.
How long does a project take?4/4
Timelines are tailored to meet your specific needs. To determine the estimated duration of your project, please schedule a meeting or consultation. During this initial discussion, we will discuss essential details about your project, including your goals, scope, budget, and desired deliverables. By understanding these elements, a comprehensive project plan can be created, providing you with a bespoke timeline. Factors such as the complexity of the project, the number of design iterations required, and the availability of design resource can influence the timeframe. The goal is to ensure that sufficient time is allocated to each phase of the project, allowing for thorough research, ideation, design, development, and revisions, while maintaining the highest quality standards.