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adidas Originals 'The One'

The brief

A collaboration between adidas originals and size? saw an exclusive release of 2021 individually numbered trainers. The concept of the shoebox was to encapsulate the previous 12 city series releases in one shoe. 12 cities - Manchester, Dublin, London, Cardiff, Birmingham, Glasgow, Liverpool, Cordoba, Shanghai, Havana, Stuttgart and Johannesburg – this is a trainer that represents a journey like no other.

The Solution

This collaborative project with adidas saw size? tasked with designing the shoe box packaging on a new adidas sneaker. We were tasked with the production and social campaign of the sneakers. To enhance the customer experience, we created a collection of custom-designed stickers that drew inspiration from the origins of each shoe. By incorporating these unique stickers onto the shoe boxes, we added an extra touch of creativity and storytelling. Each sticker represents a subtle nod to the origin story of the shoes, creating a memorable connection between the product and its cultural inspirations. For instance, the adidas Birminghams were influenced by Cadbury's chocolate, therefore the resulting sticker design drew influence from vintage chocolate bar packaging. The final outcome resulted in a shoebox which was stylised as a suitcase and felt as though it had embarked on a journey to all 12 cities and accumulated travel stickers along the way.

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Sneaker Design: adidas
Project Management: size?
James Measom
James Measom


Print & Packaging Design: Dylan Tai Stott
Social Media:
Dylan Tai Stott
Window Vinyl: Dylan Tai Stott

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